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One day i will keep this going!

Well after 2 breakdowns and a massive load of work i have been able to get some time aside to do this.

Ironicly had 2 massive breakdowns on 2 Fridays and still im here! Itll work at some point.

Jsut really cant believe what Warriors are doing……were winning! It must be a fluck. Keep a look out for the next time we loose, ill be watching.

Not been blogging for long and even now ive not had the time to do it! But still here i am, typing like a mad man to think of things to say really but here goes…..

Tomorrow is my results day, otherwise known as “OMG IM DEAD” day. It should be ok though, since i will know where i am going wrong, meaning i can work towards solving them, even if my money will be severly depleted.

Really hope it all goes well =\

What to do?

What do you do when the greatest threat to civalisation hits? What is it you ask??? Boredum.

Todays not been the best day, feel off a table and concussed myself kind of badly so ive been on-and-off all today but still boredum struck!

So whats the best way to get past it? Heres a thought, realise your in a college and go mental! It works wounders, even if you get the oddest looks in the world.

Failing that try old BBC comedies, like Red Dwarf and BlackAdder. You never know what youll find till you open your eyes!

Football….what a waste if time!

Well here we are, what is ment to be a mans true best friend….football. It isn’t mine. I hate the sport, and why? Cos its full of over-paid premadonas who put bakners to shame with the money. And this weekneds just shows why i hate it.

1. Really bad refing with Wigan (yes i am still a Wigan fan).

2. Man U won again…………………….and?

3. Arsenal lose another player due to a broken leg.

i wont go on.

But still football has its fun side, heres what Portsmouth must do to win a game….


Ranting just for the sake of it

Right, just before i go to bed i thought id give you a preview of what i get up to in my free-time. Keeps me and my friends entertained.

So were too start? I know how about the Disney killing of the dreams of a generation of slow witted, fat storing lunatics, also known as Teenagers! Every woman alive feels the perfect man will come if you stand in a tower and yell but let’s face it if a man can be bothered he’d wait for you to come down. There are no perfect men left. FACT! We are all floored by one key element……… We can’t read minds! If a women ever says “I’m Fine” she isn’t, she expects you to guest what’s up with her and you lose either way because if you guess and get it right your told it’s your fault, you get it wrong your told you don’t know her and if you don’t bother at all your told you don’t care! NO woman is happy, ever! Even with a shopping spree in Marks and Spencer’s they still don’t find what they want, what they need or what they don’t need and just buy because it’s cheap. Men aren’t much different. A man is the only living organism that can walk into a shop, only wanting a 6 pack, buy 3 trolleys full and still leave without getting what he went in for…… the 6 pack! Shopping is the worse vice anyone can have as it’s a leech on your wallet, sucking the money out of you by the bucketful and never giving you anything back. Why ask for cash back when you’ll just spend it there again? Unless your male, then in which case you spend it at the pub, which is almost as bad because your almost guaranteed to have lost more money by the end of the night, while you lie in a pool of your own sick trying to remember where you parked the car before realising it aren’t there because you lost a bet with your mate and now you’ve lost your dads car as well as his money and more than likely his house, as hell kick you out for being a constant thorn in his side, almost proving what you’d always known, that you were a mistake! Mistakes can be easily made though, just look at Gordon Brown. The biggest mistake ever made by Britain other than believing a German dictator with a mental vendetta against people he hasn’t met and never will. Bet you Gordon would still have got in even if there was a vote, just think about the USA, George looses the popular vote, so the people didn’t want him to start with, but then got him because of the government voting, so the public get a Darwinian treasure and 8 years of total hell. That’s democracy for you!

Hey Y’all!

Well its happened! I’ve gone from most networking sites and have now hit the blogging scene.

Just like to say now….sorry for any spelling and/or grammer mistakes on these, i was never very good at it.

These blogs well come whenever i can get online, so i may nebd up missing a few days but we shall she how it all goes.

Ask anyone who knows me and they will say im a misery (must be the name Jack lol). I call myself the “Grumpy Young Man” so basicly i will be using this to talk about my day, life and rant on and on like theres no tomorrow!

You have been warned. =P

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